Visit and Tour Local Fish Farm Today

Looking for something to do this June Holidays, and want to learn more about the farming landscape in Singapore? We are open to the public for walk-ins and visits! Khaiseng Trading & Fish Farm is one of the few land-based fish farms available for public to visit. We are open daily from 8am – 1pm.Continue reading “Visit and Tour Local Fish Farm Today”

🐟💡 Embracing Simplicity: The Beauty of Simple Fish Farming Technology! ðŸŒ±ðŸžï¸

🐟💡 Embracing Simplicity: The Beauty of Simple Fish Farming Technology! 🌱🏞️ At Khaiseng Fish Farm, we firmly believe in the power of simplicity when it comes to fish farming. 🌊🐠 While high-rise fish farming may seem enticing with its advanced features and towering structures, we advocate for a simpler approach that reaps numerous benefits forContinue reading “🐟💡 Embracing Simplicity: The Beauty of Simple Fish Farming Technology! ðŸŒ±ðŸžï¸”

Khaiseng Fish Farm: Revolutionizing Sustainable Fish Farming in Singapore

As concerns over the depletion of natural fish stocks continue to rise, the importance of sustainable fish farming practices becomes increasingly evident. In this article, we will explore the innovative sustainable practices employed by Khaiseng Fish Farm, located at 291 Neo Tiew Crescent in Singapore. With a commitment to environmental responsibility and delivering high-quality fishContinue reading “Khaiseng Fish Farm: Revolutionizing Sustainable Fish Farming in Singapore”

Announcement: Khaiseng Fish Farm Relocates to a New Address!

Dear valued customers and supporters, We are would like to announce that Khaiseng Fish Farm has moved to a new location. As we move to support Singapore’s land planning needs, this relocation will enable us to continue serving you and allow us to support the Singapore 30 by 30 goal through our commitment to sustainableContinue reading “Announcement: Khaiseng Fish Farm Relocates to a New Address!”

Support Local!

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world profoundly. For Singapore, being a small island with no hinterland, no natural resources and having to rely on global trade and supply for our economy and most of our needs, the impact of COVID-19 has been felt even more strongly. The disruption to global supply chains brought aboutContinue reading “Support Local!”

Catfish is good for you – according to TCM beliefs

Many of our customers have shared the benefits of consuming Catfish, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) beliefs. We look up some of these benefits to share with you – 鲶鱼的基本介绍   What are Catfish? 鲶鱼(鲇鱼),又称作胡子鲶、黏鱼、塘虱鱼,生仔鱼。此鱼的显著特征是周身无鳞,身体表面多黏液,头扁口阔,上下颌有四根胡须,口的周围有数条长须,利用此须能辨别出味道,这是它的特征,鲇鱼的最佳食用季节在仲春和仲夏之间。鲶的同类几乎是分布在全世界,多数种类是生活在池塘或河川等的淡水中,但部分种类生活在海洋里。 Catfish, named for the “whiskers” around their mouths, have a unique feature of scaleless skins, which are sometimes slimy,Continue reading “Catfish is good for you – according to TCM beliefs”

Why You Should Eat More Fish

Can’t sleep? Lack Vitamin D? Have poor vision? Want to prevent heart diseases and stroke? Eat fish! Fish contains many important nutrients our body needs, including high-quality proteins, vitamins, minerals and omega-3! Nutrient-laden fish can bring about more benefits than you think. In case you need more reasons to eat fish, here are top threeContinue reading “Why You Should Eat More Fish”

Land Leases to be Doubled!

Have you heard the good news? Following our blog post on 62 farms not receiving lease renewal next year, the Government has decided to renew the leases, and double its duration! Hooray! Now our friends from the Kranji Countryside no longer have to move. Read about it in this Straits Times’ report: By: Tiffany FumikoContinue reading “Land Leases to be Doubled!”