Kranji Young Farmers’ Strive to Keep Farming Going

We are extremely heartened to see the young farmers in Kranji stand up and promote the farming business in Singapore. Farming ought to be an indispensable industry, and it pleases us that young Singaporeans see its significance. We still have to find ways to feed ourselves so that we are not at the mercy ofContinue reading “Kranji Young Farmers’ Strive to Keep Farming Going”

Keep Farming Alive

Channel News Asia recently wrote an article about the uncertainties that local farmers currently face, following an episode of On the Red Dot which interviewed one of our youngest farmers, Chelsea Wan, from Jurong Frog Farm. As Singapore’s Government cease to renew land leases for 62 farms starting June 2017, many farmers have to findContinue reading “Keep Farming Alive”

Why You Should Support Local Farms

Over 90% of the food Singaporeans consume are imported from other countries – this makes us extremely vulnerable. What happens if our neighbours run out of food for themselves? Will they still be able to feed us? Probably not, which is why you should support Singaporean farms. Here are other reasons for you to consume locally produced food.

Fresh Fish Recipe! (Steamed Patin Fish)

Fish is high in Omega-3, and eating fish brings about lots of health benefits! However, the method of cooking fish is very important. While deep fried fish and chips make your taste buds feel good, the amount of oil and cholesterol in one serving over-weighs the little health benefits from the frozen fish meat. The bestContinue reading “Fresh Fish Recipe! (Steamed Patin Fish)”

Happy Lunar New Year – 新年快乐!

It will be the Lunar New Year in just a week’s time! Have you got seafood prepared for your steamboat reunion dinner? 🙂 Fret not – we are open the noon of New Year’s Eve (6 Feb)! This Lunar New Year, we are making a wide range of seafood available, from freshwater Tilapia, to Grouper,Continue reading “Happy Lunar New Year – 新年快乐!”

Singapore Farmers – Featuring Khaiseng Fish Farm

Last year, in celebration of our nation’s 50th birthday, our dear friend Ore Huiying participated in the Singapore Memory Project and made a few short documentaries featuring local farmers and their farms. Our farm was one of the featured farms! 🙂 Check out how our boss, Mr. Teo Khai Seng founded our farm, the challengesContinue reading “Singapore Farmers – Featuring Khaiseng Fish Farm”

Sustainable Fish Farming

Apart from our aim to supply the Singaporean community with the freshest fish products, we also aim to achieve so by using sustainable fish farming methods. But first, what is sustainability? Why is it so frequently emphasised, and why is it important in farming? Sustainability In ecology terms, sustainability is most often defined as the capacityContinue reading “Sustainable Fish Farming”