Sustainable Fish Farming

Apart from our aim to supply the Singaporean community with the freshest fish products, we also aim to achieve so by using sustainable fish farming methods.

But first, what is sustainability? Why is it so frequently emphasised, and why is it important in farming?


In ecology terms, sustainability is most often defined as the capacity to endure. It is how biological systems remain diverse and productive indefinitely. More broadly, it is the endurance of systems and processes.

Living in a world of limited resources, especially in Singapore where there are no natural resources of our own to speak of, sustainability is exceptionally important.

In farming, sustainability plays a role in ensuring that farming products are produced without sacrificing or hurting the environment, consumers’ health, the community and animal welfare.

How is Khaiseng Fish Farm a Sustainable Farm?

A key challenge in which many fish farms operating on land face is water; both obtaining water for farming purposes and disposal of used water are problems which have to be handled with care.

Over the years, Khaiseng Fish Farm has developed our own techniques to overcome these challenges — we have developed our very own water catchment system and have our own reservoir, which stores rainwater for use in dry weather, to ensure that water supply is ample all year round on our farm.

With the help of the AVA Food Fund, we have also developed and built a unique water system which allows used water in our fish ponds to be filtered and recycled. This system has allowed us to  reduce the need to change waters, a process which puts tonnes of water to waste every year.

A built-in filter system in our one of our smaller storage tanks.
We make full use of it! Plants are being grown atop our filter tanks, using the fishes’ waste as fertilisers 🙂

Why are all these important?

Being a sustainable farm is important to us as it means being able to produce fresh food fish for your consumption at the lowest possible costs all year round, while protecting our environment.

Support our business by visiting our farm today!

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