Why You Should Support Local Farms

This definitely isn’t the first time you’ve heard calls of encouragement to support local farms by purchasing local produce. But why should you? Over 90% of the food you see in supermarkets are imported anyway!

Well, here are eight very good reasons for you to keep an extra lookout for food made in Singapore and support local farms like ours:

1 . It is fresher – 

Local produce are definitely much fresher than imported produce. Especially fish or seafood products. Local fish products arrive fresh – live, if you wish – while imported food fish, more often than not, arrive poorly chilled or frozen. Upon harvest, local farm products are immediately cleaned, packed, and delivered to places near you. At our farm, harvesting to delivering takes way lesser than 24 hours! The fish products you receive is undoubtedly the freshest you can receive.

2 . Reduce your carbon footprint –

Food grown in Singapore travels way lesser than food grown outside of Singapore. From our farm in the North-West to your home or restaurant in the South-East, it only takes an hour by car, as compared to food from our neighbours which travel long, energy-consuming distances before making its way into your stomach.

3 . Connect with your community –

Local farms attract local communities. In case you do not already know, a local farmers’ market takes place every quarter in Kranji (read more about it here), where you can purchase the freshest local produce ever. Moreover, Community Clubs (CC) and Residents’ Committees (RC) often organise day trips to local farms. Make new friends with others who reside in your community and bond with your family through these meaningful farm tours!

4 . It is sustainable –

Singaporeans back us up, buy our products, we use Singaporeans’ money to grow more and better food for Singaporeans. With the never-ending cycle of positivity, we will never run out of quality food for Singaporeans. We will grow and produce for as long as you support our farming business.

5 . Another kind of sustainability –

Local farms such as ours employ sustainable farming methods. We grow food without harming the environment. We ensure we tap on as little natural resources we can. We make sure we are able to produce ample food for you, without tipping the balance of the ecosystem. Last month, we wrote an article about Sustainable Farming here.

6 . Talk about Food Security –

We all know our 5 pillars of Total Defence, but there is one very important aspect we ought to defend ourselves in – our food. With more than 90 percent of our food being imported from other countries, we are much more vulnerable than we think. What will happen if our neighbours run out of food for themselves? Will they still feed us? Moreover, our neighbours’ farming costs are not within our control, making us vulnerable to fluctuations in food prices as well. Only through backing Singaporean farms and purchasing local food produce can we defend ourselves against the unforeseen circumstances of food supplies.

7 . You know where your food really comes from –

One good thing about eating food that were grown in Singapore, is that you can actually see it happen. Most farms in Singapore are open to public, and you can visit to take a look at how your food is grown and produced. See for yourself what really goes into your stomach. This is something you can’t do with food imported from another country.

8 . Food Safety –

Local farms like ours are mostly AVA-licensed. The Agri-food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) of Singapore monitors every single step taken in the farming process. From breeding to processing, AVA ensures that local farms are prudent to ensure consumer safety. This is especially so at Khaiseng Fish Farm – we are the only fish farm in Singapore to have obtained  2 of the most stringent licenses which AVA issues, one for farming and one for processing live goods on our farm. The fish from our farm can’t be more safe for your consumption.

Seems like supporting local farms only brings about benefits. Why then do you still purchase imported food? Support Singaporean farmers and their products today!

Published by Khaiseng Fish Farm

One of Singapore's few land-based food fish farms. Established in 1997 and AVA-certified.

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