Get Ready for the Year of Rooster!

With Lunar New Year just around the corner, have you made space in your refrigerator to stock it up again with lots and lots of CNY goodies? Don’t forget to stock up your freezer with fresh fish and seafood to whip up a memorable reunion dinner!

Let us help you with it this Lunar New Year. Fresh, Live Seafood at wholesale prices only at Khaiseng Fish Farm —

Bullfrog 田鸡
Catfish 泥鳅
Eel 黄鳝
Grouper 石斑
Sea Bass 金目鲈
Soon Hock 顺壳
Tiger Prawns 老虎虾
Tilapia 尼罗红
Toman (Whole) 生鱼
Toman Fillet 生鱼肉
Patin 巴丁
Otak 乌打

Call us to find out more today!


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