Catfish is good for you – according to TCM beliefs

Many of our customers have shared the benefits of consuming Catfish, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) beliefs.

We look up some of these benefits to share with you –

鲶鱼的基本介绍   What are Catfish?


Catfish, named for the “whiskers” around their mouths, have a unique feature of scaleless skins, which are sometimes slimy, as the fish secretes slime as a form of defense mechanism against pathogens. The Catfish barbels (“whiskers”) are used to distinguish different smells in its surroundings. Catfish can be found all over the world in freshwater ponds and rivers, making them an important food fish in many places. It is best to consume Catfish between Spring and Summer.

鲶鱼的功效与作用   The Benefits of Catfish


1. Induce lactation

Catfish are extremely beneficial in inducing lactation, and can aid in blood production, restoration of energy, improve appetite, as well as promote diuresis. It is most helpful to women who have just given birth.

2. Reduce edema

TCM practitioners belief that the sweet, mild flesh of Catfish are nourishing, and can aid in urine production, reducing edema (swelling caused by an accumulation of excessive fluids).

3. A nourishing supplement

Catfish have been known as expensive supplement products since ancient times. Its medicinal value in TCM terms are one of a kind, and can hardly be found in other types of fish.

鲶鱼的存储  Storing your Catfish


After processing and cleaning, pat skin dry to remove moisture on its surface. Cover with food wrap, and store in the refrigerator (freeze).

鲶鱼的食用方法  Consumption Methods


1. Catfish roe contains toxins, and needs to be cooked for a prolonged period before consumption is suitable. Otherwise, it may cause poisoning, resulting in diarrhea and vomiting.

2. The best method of cooking Catfish would be to stew.

3. Catfish skin is often slimy. After processing, scald Catfish with boiling water and wash to remove slime.

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