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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world profoundly. For Singapore, being a small island with no hinterland, no natural resources and having to rely on global trade and supply for our economy and most of our needs, the impact of COVID-19 has been felt even more strongly.

The disruption to global supply chains brought about by COVID-19 has even affected some of our basic necessities, including food.

As Singapore worked to contain the spread of the virus through implementing social restrictions and localised closures over the past two years, our challenges with food security became even more pronounced.

Even restrictions in neighbouring countries sparked fear over shortage of food supply in Singapore. Long queues formed at supermarkets overnight, when Malaysia announced a Movement Control Order (MCO) in 2020.

Commentary: Singaporeans queued for toilet paper and instant noodles –  there is no shame in that - CNA
Images of Singaporeans panic buying and stockpiling for COVID-19 in early 2020 circulated widely on social media and messaging apps WhatsApp / Telegram.

Other restrictions also impact food supply. Take for instance, the closure of the Jurong Fishery Port in July 2021.

Such incidents have shown us the importance for Singapore to resolve challenges around food security and resilience, and the need for Singapore to produce food locally.

As it is uncertain how the future would look like as we work towards being COVID-resilient and learn to live with COVID, we must be prepared for every situation, including one where the new normal involves implementing restrictions from time to time.

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has ramped up efforts in achieving the ’30 by 30 goals’ for local food production through high-tech farming. In the interim, we must continue to build up our farming capabilities and provide alternative solutions on top of technology.

In order to do so, our farms need your support. Singaporeans have shown strong support to local businesses such as our hawkers and home-based and small businesses over the past two years. Let us also extend support to our local farms, so that they are equipped with the energy and tools they need to explore and increase productivity, and deepen their capabilities to bring more food to our tables.

Khaiseng Fish Farm is an example of local farms that could use your support. Here at Khaiseng, we continue to put our best efforts into producing the freshest fish at affordable prices. We continue to look into ways to maximise production with limited resources. Located in a land-locked plot, we have resolved problems such as water supply, waste management, and adverse weather conditions. We continue to explore solutions to sustainable farming, and improve productivity levels with limited manpower and limited pond sizes, even as our lease draws to an end. Your support will help us in developing more capabilities as we look for alternative locations to carry on with our farming work.

Support our local farms today!

Call us at 6793 7789 for enquiries.


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One of Singapore's few land-based food fish farms. Established in 1997 and AVA-certified.

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